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Helping the community while growing your business!
 Policies & Procedures   


Our Community Connections Policies & Procedures Manual

Mission: Helping the Community while growing your Business

When you join Our Community Connections as a Connection Partner, you will be able to give and receive GIFTs. The GIFT is from a Connection Partner and is information about someone that is interested in your goods and/or services.

Gifts:           Give It Forward Today

            I will give good GIFTs. This means that you will advise your Connection partner accurately the GIFTs interest in your Connection partner’s services.

            When receiving a GIFT, make sure you follow up promptly. When you receive a GIFT, this is a reflection of the person that gave it to you. Make sure that your Connection Partner is proud to give your information to their friends/family/colleagues. Someone who is thinking about your services may know someone that is ready for your services. Contacting someone early in the process of considering your services allows you to build a relationship with them.


            Our Community Connections consists of several parts. The entire group meets the last Saturday of the month for charity work. There are multiple Arms and more are coming. Each Arm meets twice a month (1st & 3rd or 2nd & 4th). Each Arm meets at the same location and the same day of each week. Each member will choose an Arm (or multiple Arms) to join. Check the web site for Arm times and locations.

Helping Hands:

            Helping Hands are volunteers that will help with the charity events. There are some people that want to give back to the community, but don’t want to build a business through networking.


            It’s important to attend each function. The twice monthly meetings are to build relationships with the other Connection Partners in your Arm. This is where they get their impression of your knowledge and style. If you are late to the meetings, your Connection Partners may feel that they (and subsequently their GIFTs) are not important to you, or that your own business is not important to you. This meeting is a way to give your Connection Partners a sense of your business practices. Before and after the meetings are great opportunities to network. Many times the bulk of business networking is conducted before and/or after the meetings. Turn off cell phones. Give the meeting your undivided attention. This shows your Connection Partners that you respect them, their GIFT’s, and they (and their GIFTs) are important to you.

            During the meeting you will find that there is a lot of clapping. This shows your Connection Partners and that you appreciate their participation and that you have been attentive during their speaking.

            The charity events are an opportunity for you to network with the community. This is an important part of our group and sets us apart from every other networking group. While working at an event, you will get the opportunity to talk about your business. It’s usually best not to start the conversation with information about your business. A suggested introduction is “I’m so happy to be part of this group. It gives me a great opportunity to grow my business and meet new people like you. What brings you here?” You can also suggest that they go to the table to look at the information presented by the Connection Partners.


            Each Connection Partner will give a brief “infomercial” about their business at each meeting. This can be a short story about how you helped a client, a short story about a product/service, and/or what you are currently looking for in a GIFT. Each meeting will have two or three Connection Partners give a short presentation. This presentation is an opportunity to educate your Connection Partners and guests in more depth about your business, what you offer, and what sets you apart from your competition. The Connection Partner that is presenting will be personally introduced by another Connection Partner. Please meet prior to the meeting so that the introducer has an opportunity to find out as much about the presenter as possible. It’s preferable to give a personal introduction with professional accolades, achievements, and awards. This introduction allows your Connection Partners to learn more about the person, the presentation gives the Connection Partner the opportunity to explain more about their business and services. 


            Each Arm will only have one Connection Partner (or company) from each profession. If there is a possible conflict, the Connection Partner committee will address it. If membership is for a company, and not an individual, the company needs to indentify no more than two people from the company for their representation. There are possible ways to allow more than one Connection Partner (or company) from each industry. For example, one Realtor can encourage GIFT’s for residential, while another for commercial. One insurance agent can promote property and casualty, while another for elder care. Each Connection Partner committee and the Connection Partners in the branch will determine if these options are viable.


            Holding a position in the Arm has several important reasons. This builds the Connection Partners Arm. When we all work together to help each other, it’s very easy to remember each other.  When someone mentions a need or want (for a future GIFT) it will be easy to remember your Connection Partners.

Personal meetings:

            These are important so that you will get to know your Connection Partners on a more personal level. Once you get to know, and trust your Connection Partners, you will be more comfortable giving (and receiving) GIFTs. You may also find out information that will help your Connection Partner with other Connection Partners (either in this Arm, or other Arms), friends, and associates on a personal level. These personal connections many times turn into business. For example, during one of these personal meetings, you may find out that your Connection Partner 123 has a child in college. During the course of building your business, you may have been actively seeking business with Company ABC. The owner (or decision maker) of Company ABC may have a child that is hoping to start at this same college. By introducing Connection Partner 123 with Company ABC, Company ABC may decide that you are willing to go the extra mile and hire you in the future.

Our Community Connections suggests having a personal meeting during the “off” meeting weeks at the same time. If you rotate your meetings through your Arm, you will have time to get to really know each of your Connection Partners.

            These personal meetings also allow you to learn enough about the speaker for you to introduce the speaker. This introduction should not be provided by the speaker, but written by the introducer.


            Visiting other Arms is a great way to promote your business. When you arrive at the meeting, talk to the Guest Host about your profession. If there is a Connection Partner in your profession, don’t give your infomercial unless you get permission from the Connection Partner in your business. You may be able to promote part of your business because this Connection Partner doesn’t promote it. For example, a Realtor may give their infomercial at a meeting with another Realtor (with the Realtors permission) if the guest Realtor promotes investing or renting. If you don’t get permission from the other Connection Partner, you may use this time to talk about your Arm and what professions you are looking for in your Arm. You may also talk about different charities that you support. Please make sure that the other Connection Partner feels comfortable about your infomercial. Make sure that you are considerate of all Connection Partners in all Arms.


            You may be a Guest (or have a Guest) for four meetings. If you apply and are accepted prior to attending four meetings as a guest, the unused Guest visits will be added to your membership. GIFTs are very important to the Connection Partners and reflect upon the giving Connection Partners credibility. Connection Partners should only give GIFTs to members of Our Community Connections. As a Guest, you may give GIFTs to any member of Our Community Connections. A Connection Partner may utilize the services of a Guest, but should not give a GIFT until the Guest becomes a member.


            Networking with other networking groups and events allows you to meet many people and learn new ideas. This also allows you to invite Guests to your meetings. Each Guest knows many people that may be able to utilize your (or your Connection Partners) services.


            You can have fun while growing your business. It’s Our Community Connections hope that you enjoy working at the charity events and the networking meetings. You may have wonderful, long term relationships with your Connection Partners and the community you meet at the charity functions.

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