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Helping the community while growing your business!
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Positions for Our Community Connections


Leader (1 Connection Partner) – leads meetings

               Assigns positions to Connection Partners

               Makes sure the leadership box has all supplies


Coordinator (1 Connection Partner) – chairs the connection partner acceptance committee

               Makes the final decision of a new Connection Partner if there is a tie

               Coordinated coverage at the charity events


Secretary/Treasurer (1 Connection Partner) – manage finances for the group


Position Coordinator (1 Connection Partner) – coordinates/rotates positions


Guest Host (Multiple Connection Partners) – greets guests

               Introduces guests during the meeting

               Follows up with the guests


Mentor  (Multiple Connection Partners)– helps Connection Partners get the most out of the group


Communication Coordinator (Multiple Connection Partners - 1 Connection Partner each meeting)– Takes notes during the meetings

               Sends an email on the “off” meeting week of notes taken during the meeting


Attendance Tracker (1 Connection Partner) – keeps track of attendance


Connection Partner Acceptance Committee (Multiple Connection Partners) – reviews applications. Follows up on application references


Business Card Binder (Multiple Connection Partners - 1 each meeting) – makes sure there are plenty of business cards of all Connection Partners


Timer (Multiple Connection Partners – 1 each meeting) – keeps track of time (infomercials & speakers) during the meeting


Gift Education Instructor (1 Connection Partner) – educates Connection Partners on how to find GIFTs


Infomercial Binder (1 Connection Partner) – information about each Connection Partner for a last minute sub to read


Charitable Contribution Tracker (1 Connection Partner) – tracks and informs Connection Partners and web site designer of amount donated each month.


Action Quote (Multiple Connection Partners - 1 each meeting) – gives an action to send us on our way at the end of each meeting

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